Popular Styles of Garden Lighting

garden lightA beautiful garden can be enhanced even more by choosing the right type of outdoor lighting to draw upon its focal points. Outdoor lighting used in gardens can also help deter pests, protecting your time invested, and well groomed displays. Dark pathways can find illumination to make a garden more enjoyable throughout the day. Lighting can also create a warm and inviting mood for you and your visitors.

Pathway Lighting

Not only is pathway lighting a nice embellishment, it can also be a practical safety addition. These lights tend to be pagoda shaped so that the light they create is directed downward in order to light a path at your feet. These are ideal for paths, stairs, and driveways where a bit of light is needed once the sun starts to drop. If you like to entertain, these lights can help direct foot traffic without being intrusively bright and can create a nice zone around decks and patios

Solar Lighting

Many people love to utilize greener option, especially in their gardens. Solar lights offer flexibility in their placement since you do not have to place them based on a power source. When fully charged, the internal Ni-Cad battery can provide up to ten hours of light and carry a lifespan of three to five years. Solar lights also come with LED panels which have a life span of twenty years but need constant sun.

Low Energy Options

Also a popular pathway option, low-voltage lights use less than twelve volts of power. These are popular because they are very energy efficient. Most times an included unit will help convert your regular electrical supply down to the required twelve volts needed to run the lighting.

Lantern Style

This option comes in many different designs to suit a multitude of tastes and styles. Some lantern style lights are meant to be mounted to a wall while others are of a hanging variety and can be hung inside patio ceilings or from beams. These also offer different power sources including either electric or solar. Many choose this option for lighting gazebos and patios for enjoyable evenings outdoors.

Accent Lighting

Perfect for drawing attention to your most prized plants or additions, accent lighting can really bring added appeal to your focal points. Many owners choose to place these near fountains, ponds, or near interesting foliage to create an interesting backdrop during sundown. Accent lighting tends to be brighter and thus can also add security to the outside of your home during the night.

Regardless of your level of expertise in gardening, the perfect lighting can add appeal, safety, and ambience. For more information on the many choices, or the receive more information on which is right for you, browse through or contact the experts at www.paradiselandscapelighting.com.

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