Keeping your Garden Safe from Animals

There are a plethora of critters that will take any opportunity they can to munch on your garden goodies. From groundhogs to deer and rabbits it is an all you can eat smorgasbord for hungry animals and your fruits and vegetables are on the menu. However, the fact is as they munch away they can be damaging your plants and creating a barren space, where there was once a thriving garden. In order to avoid this devastation you need to incorporate some safe methods to keep these critters away from your garden. Use the following guide to determine some techniques that will surely get results and protect your garden.

Creating Boundaries

Your first line of defense should be a fence around the perimeter of your garden. Deer mesh fencing is fairly inexpensive and available at most hardware stores. However, keep in mind even at seven feet tall a determined deer can still clear the jump. To deter their leaping stagger other fences and decorative items at different places in your garden. If they see an obstruction they will not attempt the leap and steer clear of your veggies. An Atlanta Fence Company can easily come out and install a fence to protect your vegetables from animals that could destroy them.

Once you have safeguarded the garden from deer, it is time to protect against smaller animals such as rabbit and groundhogs. These animals will be able to chew right through the plastic fencing you use for deer, and therefore you need to construct a metal perimeter around your garden. This fence should be about two feet high and will keep the smaller critters at bay.

Another option is spray fences. This is an item that allows you to spray a perimeter around your garden and its scent keeps animals away. Typically it smells bad to humans for a few days and then the scent disappears. However, this has proven to be an extremely effective method to keep animals away from your garden. There are also some homemade versions you can create from pepper or hot and spicy ingredients. There are some versions of these products that are sprayed directly on the plants, while others are simply used to create a border around the garden space.

There is no doubt that if you have a garden you are bound to be visited by a hungry critter or two in the wee hours of the morning. If you take steps to keep them out you can ensure a healthy crop of home grown fruits and vegetables. Whatever method you choose to use in your garden you should try to keep in animal friendly. While you may not want the animals in your garden, you also do not want to cause them harm in any way. Use the methods here to protect your garden and keep it healthy and lush.

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