What Can You Take To A Recycling Center

Do you know what you can take or contribute to recycling centers? If you do not have a trash pick up service that offers recycling, you might have to take it on your own and learn about what is acceptable. If you do have this service, you still need to know what can and cannot […]

Adding A Sprinkler Line To Your Backyard

With summer in full swing, and gardening at the front of people’s minds, lawn maintenance and care become important. One key component to a healthy lawn is making sure the lawn is properly watered. Although Mother Nature can help aid this process, much of a lawn’s watering tasks falls on the owners. When it comes […]

Heating Your Home Efficiently

Heating Contractors Minnetonka are expert in installing high quality heating systems. However, it is up to you to use them wisely. When it comes to energy efficiency, you can do your part and save money doing it.   Seal The Windows!   So start off by sealing the holes in the house that may be […]

Straight Razor Shaving

It is usually the old-timers who are more than willing to introduce young men to the art of shaving. When you talk to many of them they all refer back to shaving with a straight razor. They brag about the steady hand it takes, and the closeness of the shave that a straight razor can […]

How to Make Organic Pesticides at Home

Did you know that you can cheaply and easily make your own organic pesticides at home? You don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on commercial organic pesticides when you realize how many items you already have around the house that can be used for organic pest control in your own […]