Awnings Make a Fashionable Comeback

Awnings on residential and commercial properties have been adding a graceful look to exteriors since the 19th century. Before aluminum was invented, canvas was the typical style with scalloped edges, stripes, and homeowner initials. After World War II, fabric awnings had all but disappeared to the more substantial aluminum and fiberglass materials. However, there is […]

Flagstone Path Ideas in Miami

Flagstone has become one of the more widely used natural flat sedimentary stones in the landscaping industry. The natural stones are extremely durable which makes it one of the best option for building flooring or pathways. The stone can be found in a variety of earth colors including reds, pinks, tans, and even rich brown. […]

Design Ideas For the Do it Yourself Gardener

How many times do we come home from the nursery with a car full of plants and then get home and be totally stumped on where to put them, or we end up moving plants around every spring. Unfortunately I hear this story quite often. As a Landscape Designer, contractor, and now business owner in […]

An Outdoor Bench in the Big Apple

I recently returned from a visit to my birthplace, New York City. I’ve returned many times in the decades since I left, and I appreciate this dynamic city’s quirks, challenges, energy, and demands. Now I have two teenage daughters who join me on this ride. We visit every summer, and we spend at least one […]