Awnings Make a Fashionable Comeback

04Awnings on residential and commercial properties have been adding a graceful look to exteriors since the 19th century. Before aluminum was invented, canvas was the typical style with scalloped edges, stripes, and homeowner initials. After World War II, fabric awnings had all but disappeared to the more substantial aluminum and fiberglass materials. However, there is something to be said about fabric. A softer presence is experienced with material than with metal and plastic, making a house more aesthetic in appearance and just as enduring.

Awning Material

Plain canvas of yesteryear has given way to treated textiles that are still flexible. It is possible to purchase awnings that are stain and mildew resistant, fire resistant, and waterproof. This is the perfect solution for keeping a graceful look over windows and doors without the worry of adverse weather. The technology of textiles has evolved to create a decorated scene on patios, protect indoor furniture and carpeting, and provide a soothing shade.

Go Green with Awnings

Windows have also improved over the past century but will always put limitations on saving energy. Any time the sun is allowed to enter a confined space, the temperature increases. Running air conditioning and fans only fights the intrusion of the heat while cranking up the electric bill. By having properly fitted awnings, such as provided by Archadeck, a barrier to the sun is made and the temperature more easily controlled. Well-made awnings can save as much as 20 to 30% in energy costs during the summer months.

Outdoor Living

More and more families are making an extra space for enjoying the outdoors with kitchens, pergolas, pools, and sun rooms. Modern retractable awnings make the experience even more pleasant. Choose from manual or electric operated awnings that allow you to provide as much, or as little sun that you want. Different degrees of shade is a luxury when clouds move in or the sun is glaring on a project.

If you feel that your home needs a little pick-me-up, or you are trying to find a simple way to cut back on cooling costs, visit Archadeck for countless ideas on making your house more comfortable, more characteristic, and easier to maintain. All types of colors, textures, and designs are available to perfectly match your exterior decor. Also consider a new deck with a full-sized awning that can keep the atmosphere perfect for entertaining. Everyone notices a well-designed awning that seems to portray a symbol of the care that is taken for a house or building. Free consultation and design services can put you on the right path for updating your home or office building.

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