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Starting a Community Garden

Just like we have amusement parks and public gardens where families and dating couples hang out, you can bring the same concept closer home. By establishing a community garden you will have challenged people to mobilize resources, time and skills. Such a garden will not only make your locality look beautiful, people get a chance […]

Tips for Choosing A Garage Door

Whether you are looking to increase the value of your home or simply need to replace an existing garage door there are many things that you need to think about when you start to look into garage doors Indianapolis. You first need to think about the type of garage door that you want to hang […]

How To Tell If You Need Foundation Repair On Your Home

When a home’s foundation begins to crack, it usually has something to do with the settling of the home itself. Building a home on clay or poor landfills can cause a house to ‘sink’ over time and create a looser foundation than is desired. Texas is well-known for the semi-arid soil that can lead to […]

What Can You Take To A Recycling Center

Do you know what you can take or contribute to recycling centers? If you do not have a trash pick up service that offers recycling, you might have to take it on your own and learn about what is acceptable. If you do have this service, you still need to know what can and cannot […]

Taking Care of Your Raspberries

Raspberries are one of the easiest small fruits to grow. They still require a bit of care to perform their best, though. The health and vigor of raspberries can be improved with proper pruning, adequate levels of water, and the right balance of nutrients. Keeping insects and diseases in check are also important, but these […]

Recycling is For Everyone

Not only is recycling good for the planet, it helps keep our streets clean, keeps our city looking nice. There are growing trends toward recycling or reusing nearly everything, from building couches out of old cargo pallets to wind chimes made of discarded pipe sections. People are building entire homes out of only recycled material […]

Adding A Sprinkler Line To Your Backyard

With summer in full swing, and gardening at the front of people’s minds, lawn maintenance and care become important. One key component to a healthy lawn is making sure the lawn is properly watered. Although Mother Nature can help aid this process, much of a lawn’s watering tasks falls on the owners. When it comes […]