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Eco-Friendly Appliances

Eco friendly appliances are commonly referred to as Energy Star appliances. When appliances are considered eco-friendly, they can significantly reduce the water and energy consumption at your home. While purchasing the appliances that are considered eco-friendly is a good start, it is also important to mind how you operate them, as this will also impact […]

A Brief Introduction to Geothermal Energy and Why It’s a Fantastic Clean Energy Source

As energy bills continue to rise, more and more people are turning to geothermal energy, both as a way to save money and as a way to limit their environmental impact. Although geothermal technology has been around for a few decades, many people have not yet realized the incredible potential of this energy source. So, […]

Four “Green” Laws That Will Start to Change the Way We Live

Environmental laws, or green laws, have been passed with greater urgency and frequency in the last decade because of society’s shift toward looking out for the environment. Even some of the attorneys you can find and contact at Lawyer Guide have already implemented some green initiatives at their place of work. These green laws have […]

3 Benefits Of Wooden Blinds

Yes, it’s true that wooden Venetian blinds are pricier than vinyl, PVC or metal blinds. They’re not often found in big box stores and may need to be made to order or found in a specialty shop. But they’re quite easy to install and they’re also eco-friendly if the wood is sustainable. For example, bamboo […]

Heating Your Home Efficiently

Heating Contractors Minnetonka are expert in installing high quality heating systems. However, it is up to you to use them wisely. When it comes to energy efficiency, you can do your part and save money doing it.   Seal The Windows!   So start off by sealing the holes in the house that may be […]

Planting a Garden

When you start a vegetable garden you can save a substantial amount of money over the season. Additionally, you have the pleasure of eating food that you grew. In most cases, this will make the flavor even better than anything you purchase off of the grocery store shelves.   In addition to having fresh produce […]

Importance of Recycling

Reusing natural or manmade resources allows recycling to slow down the consumption of limited natural resources. Regular recycling contributes to abundant economical and environmental benefits beyond reducing the use of various resources. Although many people are taking steps to increase the amount of recycling they do, most people could easily strengthen their part in the […]

Eco Friendly Roofing Solutions

Do you have any plans to restore the roof of your house any time in the near future? Well, roofing installation and repair is an integral and most important part of your house maintenance and you’ll have to take due care in choosing the best roof. In order to get the best possible results, you […]

4 Simple Basics that Make Recycling Easy

If you have recycling facilities in your town then you should seriously consider recycling your cans, plastics, and papers. By choosing to recycle you will be doing your part to help reduce you and your family’s carbon footprint. At the same time that you save the environment, you will also be helping to save some […]

Straight Razor Shaving

It is usually the old-timers who are more than willing to introduce young men to the art of shaving. When you talk to many of them they all refer back to shaving with a straight razor. They brag about the steady hand it takes, and the closeness of the shave that a straight razor can […]