Archives for March 2013

How Cities and Towns are Shaping the Laws to Encourage Sustainability

One of the hot button issues being faced, not just in Australia but also around the world, is the issue of sustainability. Cities, towns and municipalities are struggling to ensure a future for the next generation, trying their hardest to encourage growth while still staying environmentally conscious. They have started to take steps toward requiring […]

Keeping your Yard Green

Keeping a green yard does not happen by itself. You have to work on your yard. Grass is not only beautiful but it also serves another environmental purpose.  It releases oxygen during the day, traps dust, filters water and reduces soil erosion. Maintaining a green lawn is a skill that you can easily learn. Once […]

Great Tips for Creating a Green Home

Do you groan at the water and energy bills that come each month? If your home is full of wasteful individuals who produce entirely too much garbage you may be interested in creating a recycling program. Follow these easy steps to get one up and running and successfully reduce the amount of waste that your […]