Archives for December 2012

Maintaining Your Irrigation System

It is very important to regular maintenance on any irrigation system. If people would like to have things working well then they needs to regularly get things fixed and tuned. They need to be prepared so that they do not have something completely fall apart because of neglect. People may not like paying for irrigations […]

Keeping your Garden Safe from Animals

There are a plethora of critters that will take any opportunity they can to munch on your garden goodies. From groundhogs to deer and rabbits it is an all you can eat smorgasbord for hungry animals and your fruits and vegetables are on the menu. However, the fact is as they munch away they can […]

Repairing Your Greenhouse Roof Wisely

If you need to replace your greenhouse roof, you may not have a lot of options from which to choose. Greenhouses are a wonderful place to care for your garden and other greenery, but how do you care for the greenhouse itself? Who should repair or replace parts of the roof? Would it be wise […]

Choosing Green Roofing for your Home

In this day and age, we’re more interested in changing how we do things to benefit the environment. It started with appliance manufacturers making all their models energy efficient and then it moved on to everything consuming less energy. Now, people are looking into building houses with materials that were cultivated in an environmentally friendly […]